About us

Who are MediaXim? : A Market-leading independent media specialist provider of data and software for the media and advertising business.

What is our position in the market? : We are the neutral and trusted third party source of media data for the Media, Advertisers and Media Agencies and we offer services that help optimise their business. We do not sell media space, we do not plan campaigns, and we do not create campaigns. We act as a Software Provider, a neutral Data Service Provider or Expert Partner for custom made solutions (more on our expertise and software products).

What is our company mission? : To provide our clients with the software tools and data for comprehensive reliable media and marketing analysis to help them optimise their business. We generate competitive advertising data (both creative and quantitative) and auditing services using our own state-of-the-art capturing and monitoring systems, algorithms and databases. We provide a wide coverage of the media-mix, whilst offering personalised services tailored to exact requirements.

Who are our clients? : We are B2B orientated towards media professionals in Media Sales Houses, Media Publishers/Broadcasters, Media Agencies, Creative Agencies, Advertisers, Industry Associations, Joint Industry Committees, Media Authorities, Author Rights Association, Foreign Research Companies, ... (More references)

What is our expertise? : We have a large and highly specialised staff with expertise in Advertising Expenditure Monitoring (ADEX), Media Monitoring & Auditing solutions and Media Audience Measurement & Analysis.

What is our company history? : The roots of MediaXim date back to the early nineties (1991) when it was first established as a software company ("UsrConsult"), that started developing software for TV monitoring on behalf of the media business in Belgium. MediaXim soon established a firm and pioneering reputation by introducing the first semi-automated software solutions to the market for the purpose of TV monitoring (TV-logs production). These innovations brought unparalleled data precision and detail, and allowed to track a higher broadcast volume at lower costs and better quality of service in terms of both delay and data reliability.

The market rapidly recognized the value of MediaXim as a neutral source of information and entrusted the company with the audit of TV broadcasts linked to the CIM audience survey in 1997. The TV-logs production was operated under the "TV Times" company brand.

MediaXim also began building tailor made media databases and calculation software to be integrated in the internal systems of the Media Agencies and Media Sales Houses.  The range of products and services as well as clients gradually extended. In 2000 the company was incorporated into the French Peaktime SA group (with subsidiaries in the UK, Belgium, and the Netherlands).

In 2001 Peaktime SA introduced its TV Analysis tool "ViewTime" on the Belgian market, and in that same year the company became the official CIM MDB (Media DataBank) operator to perform the measurement of Advertising Expenditure (ADEX) on the Belgian Market.

In 2004 the Telmar group acquired the Break and Yield activities of the Peaktime SA group as well as the "Peaktime" brand name. The research, development and marketing of the remaining activities that were not acquired by Telmar were concentrated in the Belgian branch of the Peaktime group.

In June of 2005, as a result of a change in shareholder ownership and the brand name transfer to Telmar, the new brand "MediaXim" was introduced as the new official company name for "Peaktime Belgium" and "TV Times".  The company name is a play of words on 'media mix' and reflects the cross media scope of software and services. All Benelux activities were operated by MediaXim with TrustCapital Partners as majority shareholders and Netgem as minority shareholder. The former French and UK subsidiaries of Peaktime were operated by Netgem Media Services and these commercialised some of the software (ViewTime ...) developed by MediaXim in Belgium.

December 2008 marked an important development for the company with the integration of the former French and UK subsidiaries of Netgem into The MediaXim Group, with Brussels as the central Headquarters.

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